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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's been awhile since I have written about the bed bugs.

When we were moving, we did two things with our clothes. Anything in boxes was thrown out and everything in our apartment that hadn't been packed yet went into bags, went to a laundry mat, was put through a heavy duty drier cycle, put into new trash bags and has been sitting in our basement for two months.

I have only had three actual outfits and have just been wearing them and wearing them for three months. The girls have just been wearing new clothes and new school uniforms. Jay also bought a few new things.

But, confident that the bed bugs are gone, we took the 11 trash bags that we had stack in our basement to a laundry mat this weekend and Jay washed and dried everything.

There should be no survivors. There really shouldn't have been any survivors after the first time. But we left them there because the eggs aren't killed by the heat and they needed to hatch and the babies needed to starve.

Also, we received a letter from our old management company saying that if we do not pay them a ridiculous amount of money that they are sending us to collections. We do not owe these bastards a cent. What do we do?


  1. that's really annoying. i would follow up with a lawyer. you can't fight it alone, unfortunately. make a list of all the stuff you lost, list all the re-occurrences of bed bugs, all the emotional damage to you and family which affected functioning and also work and school, having to buy new stuff, how they knew and didn't inform you, how the regular staff changed all at once right as the infestation was occurring. you just need to find a compassionate lawyer, i really think you are in the right on this.

  2. I do too Nikkol.

    I will not ever give that bloodsucking company one penny of my money. NEVER.

  3. We are finding a lawyer. I have been trying to track down people who will help us prove that there was a bed bug infestation in the building prior to ours. i am SURE that there was. But they fired the company with the extermination records and the only person who I know from the building didn't call me back and quit her job (so maybe she moved?)

    We will win this. We will have to.

  4. don't worry, the lawyers will track down that info if they have leads from you, the company could not have destroyed records and if they did they are bigger trouble than just you ;)