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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Babysitter

Our babysitter was busy last night so she referred us to a friend of hers. Her friend was nice and pleasant. More importantly the girls seemed to like her. They even drew a few pictures of her.

Lila's is normal enough:

But should I be disturbed that this is Bunny's interpretation of our babysitter?

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  1. nah, i think she's just expressing herself, she does like darker things. if her artworks starts to all change to black and red, then i might be more concerned. also if after a picture is done and she continues to make heavy dark lines, especially of varying stroke directions over the picture then she is likely expressing anger through art, which actually may not be that bad of a thing as long as she is sharing her feelings other ways too.

    i really think i am going to pursue child psychology. but first, my current school program. yee haw.