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Saturday, December 11, 2010

...like flies

Poor Lila is sick.

We had a party to go to this afternoon, but we are going to have to stay at home. She woke up this morning and was complaining of a belly ache... which I didn't initially take that seriously because she complains of belly aches every day. As the morning progressed it became clear to me that my little bean is super sick. I can't find a thermometer to take her temperature, but it's definitely high. She's burning up and has been going in and out of sleep on couch all day.

She's so sick that she wasn't even upset about not going tot the party. She deliriously woke up and sort of shouted, "When are we leaving?" And when I told her that we weren't she said, "I can't go anywhere..." And then started snoring again immediately.

Jay is working. I'm not sure when he will be home. But I may run out and get some stocking stuffers later. And tonight... when the little ones are asleep, I think that I'll do my wrapping!


  1. Sawyer has been sick since last Saturday night with a stomach bug. He was better and actually went to school Tues/Wed/Thurs...but Friday he took a turn. I think there is a bad one going around. *sigh* this is just the beginning. Good think we just stayed home and baked today.

    After the kids went to sleep I ran off to target and bought all my wrap...that might be my tomorrow nights job.

    Hand in there Lila! (and mom and dad).

  2. Bunny started to become sluggish yesterday as well. Neither Lila or I ever made it out of our pj's yesterday (I am not sick... but I love staying in my pj's).

    I didn't get out to 5 below for stocking stuffers. I'm going to run out later today.

    I'm mad at Target. First I couldn't find the Barbie Dream House in the store (on black friday) so I ordered it online. Then, I got a message saying that it was backordered and I'd have it between the 22nd and 7th of Jan. I was upset... but it's not the end of the world. NOW they wrote and said that they canceled it because they do not know that they'll have enough. What? I'm on strike from Target. And believe-you-me, it's a sacrifice.

  3. And, tell Sawyer that I hope he feels better!

    I'm glad that it didn't spread to the rest of the family.