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I am a sometimes-writer, everyday mama, creative failure and experimental cook. I am interested in living a beautiful life, spending time with my family and making things that I can feel proud of. When I'm by myself I'm usually outside. Don't bother calling because chances are that I didn't bring my cell phone because I couldn't find it. If you see me walking, it's because I lost my keys and if you see me with only one child... I'm probably in big trouble.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Don't mind my totally messy kitchen. We had just finished making our sugar cookies and caught Bunny doing the dishes and rockin' out to Taylor Swift.


  1. Thanks Ladies. I know that sometimes I post clips of my kids doing, what to other people seems like nothing... but it's because everything that they do is amazing to me. She is just too cute... and she loves Taylor Swift (who I think is a fantastic role model)!