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Thursday, December 23, 2010

RPatz Near Miss?

Big Green Earth Store just opened up a second store in Liberty Place. Liberty place is located in the fancy party of town Rittenhouse Square.

T called me earlier today to tell me that Robert Pattinson was in the store (for anyone who knows me, you understand that this is A REALLY BIG DEAL because I've spent the last few years trying to talk myself out of daring to dream the dream where I show up on the set of some Stephanie Meyer based movie set with a demented look in my eye, slinging my unmentionables at a boy who is young enough to be my son). Further, T says that RPatz bought exactly the same gift for whatserface that I bought for Jay. Clearly this exemplifies the FACT that he and I were meant to be. I mean, it's SHOCKING how much RPatz and I obviously have in common based on this mutual purchase. We. are. nearly. the. same. person.

So, though I feel robbed of the opportunity to meet and likely humiliate myself in front of Robert Pattinson, I am grateful to have escaped the day with my pride and marriage all in tact.

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  1. LOL! This post cracked me up! So funny! Merry Christmas Eve!