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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Big Night Out

I had hoped to have a fancy picture of Jay and I all dressed up for his holiday party last night, but unfortunately we never took one! In my fantasies it even had a Christmas tree in the background or a sprig of mistletoe!

We had a WONDERFUL time! The babysitter arrived 45 minutes early, so Jay and I decided to take advantage of the time alone and head out together for a drink and an appetizer! This was a great choice and we ended up at a little Turkish place that's a few blocks from our house. After, we headed over to the party and still arrived right on time! The party was at the Ritz Carlton and I got to meet coworkers and their wives/sigothers that I haven't met before. All in all, we had lots of laughs, the company was excellent and it was great to get out alone with my husband for awhile.

I've been realizing recently how special our relationship really is. This is especially true because when times are tough we get closer, rather than more distant. Everyone has tough times in their marriages, and we are certainly no exception. The strain of this year was hard on us... but I'm really beginning to understand that the love that we have for each other isn't common. I am blessed to experience it because not everyone does. Last night I was telling people how we met and how we knew within hours that we were meant to be. There's something magical about it. For me, it was even a spiritual thing. I met Jay and I just intuitively knew that he was someone who needed to be in my life. I'm not sure that he had the same thing happen in such a strong way... but he definitely knew that he was done looking for someone and that he could be with me forever. I don't know why it's taken me so long to truly appreciate this, but I need to learn to remind myself of how great our love is when I feel stressed out or annoyed or worn down with life.


  1. Hells to the yeah, motherfuckers!

  2. (lol at jay's comment!)

    aw shucks, i wanna see a picture, too.

    i am glad you had a fun night out on the town.

    i think you have an awesome relationship. i can say that i actually understand how you two knew it was right from so early on; i actually knew before you even met. i am so glad to have brought anna to that pzoo show so many years ago, yet i am confident that y'all would've met anyway.

    i love you both. and your girls too!

  3. that is awesome.

    i feel the same way about my relationship with e$. even when things get strained, it's just like, i know it's forever. you know when you've truly met your soul-mate...even if that sounds super cheesy, and i know it will to some people, it's just the truth.

  4. Such a beautiful post! I feel the same way about the relationship that David and I have.

    And I totally snarfed at Jay's comment!