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Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Day

I'm not certain how much snow we got, but it was enough for T to tell me that I shouldn't come into work this morning.

We would have taken full advantage of this day together had Lila not woken up at around 10pm screaming with ear pain. She described it as "a needle going through her bone." Had I thought that it was safe, I would have taken her to the ER. Luckily, we were able to get her a Dr. appointment for 10am and conveniently T texted that I should enjoy the day with my family instead of trekking into work. We had planned on a pediatrician visit today because Bunny had a rash (which ended up being bacterial and now we have three types of antibiotics- topical, ear drops and oral). But we originally had no idea that Lila was sick. We didn't' know until it was very bad. Now she has a little hole in her ear drum and has to have antibiotics dropped into it each day.

First thing this morning Bunny and Jay were outside, but Lila had to stay in.

Here Bunny is playing in the back yard:

And then they cleared the sidewalks!

While Lila stayed inside and painted:

And I baked cookies and cookies and cookies and brownies!

And tomorrow I'll have dinner with an old friend after work! Expect pictures!


  1. I love that pic of you! :) Super mom!

    Do tell, what are those criss cross cookies. They look yummy~!

  2. They are peanut butter cookies with white chocolate chunks! Mmm..

    Thanks. I love that picture too... It makes me feel like I can fly.

  3. We have massive ear infections going on here also. I hope Lila is feeling better quickly!
    And I do love the Super Mom picture!


  4. Oh Heather! Thank you for the compliment and I hope that everyone is feeling better! Ear infections are the worst. The girls are doing much, much better. It's incredible how quickly the medications help them.

  5. lila described ear pain very well. imagine an adult with 3months of it in both ears. hope your girls are al better.

    i love the pix. especially the one of you, *super mama!*

  6. Oh God Nikkol. I don't know how you got through that.

    I mean, Lila was awake and screaming and crying all night. Literally, she couldn't be consoled. It was terrible.