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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Knit News

I haven't been knitting much. This is mostly because I abandoned all of my yarn and crafting supplies in the move. At the time they were the least of my concerns... but I really regret letting them go.

Last week T invited me to start selling my knits in Big Green Earth Store, so I went out to my favorite yarn shop and picked up a few skeins of fancy yarn and circular and straight needles. I'm excited to start crafting again. I think that I'll make a few cowls, fingerless gloves, scarves and legwarmers. Also, I'd like to learn how to line knits with fabric. I'd like to have lined hats and handbags. I can sew. I can knit. So I feel like this is something that I can be taught. Yet still... it seems too complicated. I'm going to detail everything that I make with a hand felted embellishment. That's my thing. I really love hand felted detailing. I just think that it makes a knit look at the more special. That said, I don't know that I can actually sell anything for more than what I pay to make them. Ha! But, it would still be awesome to see people walking around the city in things that I made. As it is, I haven't sold knits to people who live in Philly. All of my etsy orders were elsewhere.

Also, I'm going to abandon my Etsy shop name and start using the name Little Shop of Hollers. It's the title of my new blog and I think that it's got a serious cute factor to it.

Wish me luck! Maybe people will really like them!


  1. I'm excited about this! I loved the stuff you had before. I'll become a customer!

  2. Thanks Kim! My plan is to make lots of light knits in bright colors for those spring days when it's still crisp but everyone is dying for the spring! I started a lemon circular scarf tonight! It started with 200 stitches, so it's going to be a long project!

    Every time I am in a fabric store I think of your mom and the dress she made me to wear to that Matthew Sweet concert!

  3. I love the name and i think it's really cool that they invited you to sell there!

  4. awesome! i love your 'it's always sunny' headband, it's so perfect for me! i unfortunately had to trash the scarf u made and the 1fish2fish scarf u got for me bc they were mold ridden =( i would love to make / get fingerless gloves with a cover that buttons over to make them into mittens. i would like to learn how to crochet or knit. the easier one. lol. go girl!