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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Domino's Pizza

I have been having a serious craving for fast food pizza.

Growing up, this is pretty much the only pizza I ate. In MA they have these little, Greek pizzas. They're made with cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese and are tiny with things like linquisa on them. But in Denver, I ate Domino's, Little Caesar and Pizza Hut pizza. That said, I didn't have any of these very often because it takes a special person to actually like fast food pizza. I'm not much of a pizza eater as it is.

The thing about it is that it's not really pizza at all. I mean, it has all of the components of a real pizza. But the crust is thick and garlicky and the sauce is heavy and spicy and the cheese is... well... its cheese. You can't do too much to that.

So, for about a week I've been dying for pizza and cheesy bread from Domino's.


Tonight may be the night. Jay won't be here (he can't endure it) and I don't feel like cooking tonight.

It may happen.


  1. once in a blue moon i enjoy crap pizza. in wa we had alfy's which was un-good but i didn't know the difference, nj/nyc pizza is awesomeness in full effect and pizza in portland is stink-a-roo. every once in a while i get papa john's, pizza hut or domino's. it's not real pizza, but sometimes it is real good.

  2. So, we did the most sinful thing ever!

    We ate crappy fast food pizza, on the couch, while watching Anne of Green Gables.

    So bad...

    and yet so good.

    My children were in total disbelief.

    We are rule breakers.

  3. I would have been very disgruntled if I were home at the time. Thanks for doing that while I was at work!

  4. i totally ordered domino's the other night, too. so bad, yet so good.

  5. OMG! Pizza and ANNE! If you remember, that was like, my favorite show ever! :)

    And I do not at all dislike take out pizza. I will make my own pizza at home - including the crust - but we're on a Papa John's kick now.

    I SO would have joined you for that night!

  6. Ha! I was waiting for you to read this post Kim.

    Kim Sears and Anne of Green Gables are practically synonymous as far as I'm concerned!

    I had forgotten how totally wonderful it was too. I can't wait until Bunny can read them.

  7. Yep! I will facebook it to you.

  8. thanks!

    my real email is also