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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hopefully We Don't Get Robbed

There's a guy who knocks on our door every so often asking if we want him to sweep up outside of our house. The first time he came by we gave him a few bucks to do it.

Of course, he took the money and left without doing a thing.

Amazingly, this man has had the nerve to come back repeatedly.

Two nights ago this guy knocked on our door and Jay told him that he didn't have any cash. He was like, I noticed that you have trash bags in your basement (uhhhh... peaking in our basement windows? CREEPY) and I have a dumpster. I can bring it over and take everything away for you.

Here's the thing. Our children's Christmas gifts are hidden in those bags (along with the clothes that we washed and dried at the laundry mat when we found out about the bb's back in September).

Hopefully he won't rob us.

We have an alarm on the house but Jay has been insistent that it can't be used while we're gone because our cats set the motion detector off. This struck me as being completely impossible. I mean, why would you have an alarm that you can't use? I found out that you can put a weight limit on the filter that triggers the motion detector. This stupid alarm has already caused us so much grief. We are living with no smoke alarms because the fire department was going to fine us if they had to come to our house anymore. And they were being called at least once a week because of this stupid alarm.

This makes me want to scream, "I HATE TECHNOLOGY. IT MAKES ME LIFE HARDER" from the top of an apple store. Apple doesn't even make the alarm. I'm just grouchy. And apple makes my iphone... which has been giving me a hard time. So I may have some displaced anger toward electronics.

Wow. I'm in a really bad mood.

I can't handle another bad thing...


  1. Put some curtains up in the basement windows. Also watch Home Alone. There are some good anti-thievery tips there that are also festive for the holidays.

  2. I agree with the curtains. I'd also call the police to tell them about this man and request that they do some neighborhood drive bys.

    I'd also tell him he isn't welcome on your property anymore. You could probably say it nicer at first, but if that doesn't work I'd be blunt.

  3. agree with kim & tali! i was going to suggest a little call to the coppers too.

    LOVE the home alone suggestion. could you rig some paint & feathers over your door? hahahah!

  4. def. curtains, you could make some cute ones!

    this guy sounds like a nuisance. you might want to call the cops. or something.

    but yeah, not being able to use alarms that i had would madden me, so i understand your grief. and when you do go to yell from the top an Apple store, let me know, i'll join you. lol

  5. lol!

    Nikkol, you always have me cracking up. I just pictured us... on the top of a huge gray apple.

    Curtains it is.

  6. Anna - that guy is known in the area. Check out Philadelphiaspeaks (SWCC section) forum and there is probably mention of him. From what I remember he is harmless, but you might want to read on there and ask around the hood.