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Friday, November 19, 2010

Adorable Frames/ Another Extermination

I was relocating the BGES recycling (glasses, batteries, cell phones and laptops) from one box to another when I came across these fantastic frames. Who would want to get rid of them? They're so cute and make me look like a movie star! I'm going going to ask T if I can have them. We can recycle them with my head and a local Lens Crafters.

We're having ANOTHER extermination today. Jay is home to help with the girls and the pets while I prepare the house before going to work.

This is good though. No need to freak out. This is the end... I just hate that within a few days of being exterminated we are always bitten really badly. And it's always the girls. I guess if we aren't bitten this time we'll know that everything is dead.

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