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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Big Green Mama

I continue to love my new job!

I really like everything about it. I like the hours. I like that when the store is empty I can sing and dance and beebop around, switching up displays and trying to find ways to show off the merchandise. I like the people I work for and the other people who work there as well. In general, I really like the customers too. I like the products and the concept. I can honestly say that I looked forward to going in every day last week and I had a good, productive time while I was there.

I'm going to do a lot of my holiday shopping there. If you're interested in doing the same, this is the website! Also, I'm in charge to wrapping and sending out the packages this season, so it'll all come directly through me! Some of my thoughts are the Klean Kanteens, the mighty wallets, starlights (the picture really doesn't do them justice! ) And then lots and lots of stocking stuffers. There are these adorable kid friendly staplers that I'd like to put in B and L's stockings! Also, there are rainbow makers that use a prism and solar power to rotate and create a rainbow throughout the room. So cute!

Also, I'm going to make a huge effort to purchase a good amount of my gifts from local small businesses. There will be some Target toy purchases, of course. But, I'd like to support the community.

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  1. I love supporting small business. Do I buy from chain stores? Sure! A lot actually. But if I have a choice the downtown coffee shop always gets my money before Starbucks (which is gross anyway!), and the local bookstore gets shopped before Barnes and Noble... you get my drift. Small business creates more jobs in the U.S. than any other. Gotta support your local communities and economies!!