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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I opened the store all by myself yesterday.

I did not have to turn off the alarm, which after setting it off on Friday has been the sole source of my anxiety. My fear, of course, is of my technology busting superpower. I am petrified that I will never be able to turn off the alarm and the police will always come until the business is fined and I am eventually fired.

But T was in early in the morning and the alarm had already been turned off.

He left me a note with a list of things to do in order to stay busy. I got to remerchandise the store. It's nice being able to work by myself and rearrange and tidy things. I put on my favorite cd's. When the store is empty I sing and I dance. I made a little window display with brown paper and plants.

Oh, and I got my first paycheck!

So far, so good. I am finding it a little bit taxing to be on my feet all the time. But nothing I'm doing is hard. My home-mama things are all squished into a new time frame which makes me tired and while I'm out of the house I'm on my feet and hurrying somewhere. The half an hour I have while the girls are eating breakfast and I'm drinking coffee has become my most cherished time.

We have a bakery opening up three door down. My friend J mentioned that I should work there because I love to bake so much and the convenience of a business so close to home is unbeatable. Here's the thing, I can't take two jobs and I will never quit my BGES job. I have to be miserable to walk away from something. I'm just not a person who always wants more. Contentment is my objective. I don't need THE BEST JOB EVER and I don't need to make tons of money. I just need to feel safe and happy. I'm proud of myself for getting to this place. Some people never do and are always unhappy where they are because they are sure that there is something better out there.

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