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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Child Does Not Eat

Bunny never eats breakfast. Try as I may, I can't ever get her eat before school.

This morning L had an egg-in- the-boat on multi-grain bread, a very small bowl of mini-wheats and a banana. I made the same exact thing for Bun, but she pushed it away with disgust. She agreed to eat an orange if I cut it up, but it's sitting in front of her and she's not touching it.

Each day I roll into school with a child who doesn't have a drop of food or beverage in her belly and I feel like a neglector.

The following seem to be the foods that Bun will agreeably eat in the morning: leftover pizza and egg drop soup. Clearly, we do not often have these at hand.

Does anyone know how to get my child to want to eat? She about 50 inches tall and barely 50 lbs. I feel like every time she goes to the dr. she's lost more weight.

Oh no! Lila is circling around Bunny's egg-in-the-boat like a little yellow headed vulture.


  1. i try to have the attitude that they will eat when they're hungry. does she eat a good dinner & lunch? does she get headaches from not eating? is she just not hungry?

    the yellow headed vulture line made me LOL, really.

  2. She just isn't hungry when she wakes up. That said, I'm pretty certain that she probably is hungry before lunch at school and they don't have a morning snack. BUT, she can technically buy breakfast once she's at school if she wants to. I just hate that she doesn't eat before she leaves.

  3. Try Carnation Instant Breakfast shakes. They're basically protein powder, but you can make it into a "milkshake" for her. My sister refused to eat breakfast growing up, and that's how my mom got protein into her before she left the house.

  4. Oooooh... good idea! I could even put it in a travel mug and she could take it in the car. I'll bet she'd go for that!