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Monday, November 22, 2010

Good Morning!

I was sure that I was going to be so sick today!

When I went to bed last night I felt incredibly run down with a sore throat and drippy nose. And so this morning I am shocked by the healing power of 8 hours of sleep and a few glasses of juice! I feel great!

I had a nice, but long weekend. After getting out of work on Friday I had so much to do. When I ran to the school to pick up the girls J was waiting for me. I took her to her house to pick up a warmer coat and then she ran errands with the girls and I. We went to the Wine and Spirits store, tomy shop to pick up my grocery cart, to Whole Foods, to the frozen yogurt place (a promise that I couldn't break even though it's been freezing outside) and finally, to pick all of the Holler pets up from the vet.

As it turns out, Sherbert was a big jerk to the veterinary staff and they weren't able to clip his nails or clean his ears. Actually, they all seemed completely petrified of him. Poor guy. He still has so much feral cat in him. I feel like he was taken out of that environment when he was young enough to have overcome his jagged, rough roots... but no. He's still so much of a wild cat who hates people. The fact that he doesn't really hurt us is a huge testament to how much he actually loves us back. I mean, he's almost three years old and is only now beginning to trust me enough to sit near me and let me pet him for a few seconds. Also, until recently I didn't think that he was physically able to purr. Sherbert is a sad story.

But I digress! After getting our pets, J, the girls and I headed home to order a bunch of greasy take out, watch movies and drink wine. On Saturday I didn't feel so well. Jay went into work and the girls and I did our grocery shopping. I came home, put on jammies, baked cookies and had a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday I worked. I worked for 10 hours. And when I came home Jay had cooked an actual dinner that was delicious. He had finished the shopping. Our children were bathed. Our house was clean. And he even did some prep work for Monday.

Jay dreams of being a stay at home dad.

Are the Rosemary Pea plant and the rosemary herb the same thing? One of them is poisonous to cats.

Oh, and our last extermination was very thorough. A few days later and the floors are still a bit tacky. He says that we will not need another one. I sort of got the feeling that he couldn't ethically give us another one because the chemicals are so dangerous. No bed bug will be left standing (as if any would dare)!

ps. On a separate but similar note, I think that the mice have evacuated. One death was enough. Sherbert sent his message. We haven't caught one, seen evidence of one, found another one dead or heard any under the floorboards.

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  1. that's awesome to not feel sick! usually i have the opposite, i go to bed feel great and then wake up feeling run down

    that sounds bad with sherbert =( i am shocked that they couldn't do normal maintenance things, i would think they would give him a sedative. poor dude. he slept on my head. or peered scarily at me through my sleep ;)

    the rosemary things are prolly super different, you should find out.