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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let the Shopping Take Flight.

I have worked my first retail black Friday and it was great. Business was good, but not overwhelming.

Also, I got my paycheck, which was my biggest yet. On top of the paycheck there were $50 extra in cash.

After work, we went out to the the Percy Street BBQ (which was only so-so) and then Jay ran home with the girls and I did my own Black Friday shopping at Target.

I know that all of the plastic crap is... well, crap. That said, I have a five and six year old and they don't care that it's crap. They just know that they desperately want Santa to bring it. And even though we all know that Santa likely makes all of his toys from non-toxic wood grown on his own farm, bamboo and bpa free recyclable plastic, this doesn't prevent my children from begging for the Monster High dolls, Furr Real puppy or Baby Alive. Whattareyougonnado?

So, here are a few of the most begged for Christmas Items in our home this year. None of them are practical or educationally based.

1.) The Real Construction kit. Which we went all out and got the separate tools, screws and extra "wood," (I have been avoiding trying to find out what this wood is actually made out of because Bunny would seriously be heartbroken if she didn't wake up to this. It's the only thing that she's asked for. Unless you count a turtle. she also keeps asking for a turtle.)

2.) Barbie, I Can Be a Bride, which needs no further introduction. Barbie, Ken, Bridesmaid, flower girl A six year old's dream, basically!

3) The Furreal dog that we are pretty sure no one is ever going to play with but that everyone is dying to have. Only ONE child got this, though. They will have to share.

4.) Blythe's Littlest Petshop, which Lila likely only wants because the commercial makes it sound like they're saying, "Li-la's littlest pet shop."

6.)Disney Princess Dolls (which no one has asked for, but they were on sale for $40 from $60 and I know that EVERYONE will go goo-goo for them.)

7.) The GirlTech Password Protected journal. Bunny will LOVE this gift!

8.) The Moxie Girl Dolls, with snow!

And more...

but I'm tired of making links! Think Olivia and Rapunzel.

So, about half of my shopping for the girls is done. I'll finish when I get paid again on the 10th. I'll also do my teacher and coworker shopping done that day. I'm going to make lots of granola and got cute little Holiday inspired Chinese Food containers to gift it in. Jay adamantly does not want a gift this year. We'll see. On one hand I think that I could get him something great, particularly because my money really stretched at Target last night. But, if I get him something and he doesn't get me anything (like we planned) I'll be the only one without a present. This has happened to me before. Everyone's stockings are stuffed. And everyone else has something to open. But I have nothing. And though realistically we agreed on this and I am springing an unexpected gift on my husband so I should be okay with nothing of my own... it really makes me sad when it happens. Like, it ruins my whole day.

So, we'll see...

Misery deserves company...

But not on Christmas.


  1. some of those things sound rad, while others just sound annoying, but you do what you do for your kids! i am getting k a crayon maker. i wanted to get her a robotic dog that had a leash and walked and jumped and barked (from target!) but n would kill me and m was logical that it doesn't work on carpet. oh well. christmas sounds great for the hollers, good job!

  2. Ha! I got the robotic dog. Its the Furreal dog.

    It's going to be a giant waste of money. That said, my kids have been dying for it and longingly admire it every time we go into any store with a toy department.

    Yeh, some of these things will be annoying. But, all you can do is honor who your children are and what they are interested in. Like, Bunny loves Monster high things because they are spooky and creepy. I think that they are bizarre. But, if I don't allow her to follow her interests than she'll never know who she is... UNTIL she's a teenager. At which point she'll go totally insane rebelling against me. lol

  3. duh, i should've put together the Furreal dog is what i was looking at! you'll have to tell me if it gets any quality play time, lol =)

    i like monster high a lot. have you heard of skelanimals? i think the bun would like them; they are animals that you can see the bones and are creepy but cute. i have a watch.