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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Worm Farms

I've been thinking about starting a worm compost!

Now that we've got a little backyard to work on I'd like some good compost. And now that we've got a little basement to compost in through the winter, it seems like a good time to start a worm factory.

I've been reading a lot about worm factories online. Also, we carry worm factories at work and I'm getting to know the ins and outs of them. They can produce a half a pound of compost each day. Each worm can (in ideal conditions) produce several times its own body weight in compost each day. I dream of having a little garden and lush lawn in my back yard next year.

My girls really like feeding the worms and they live to eat and love dark places. Everyone wins. My kids get a pet. I get good compost. The worms get a safe home.

My only reservation is the creepy crawly things that lurk within. The little spiders and mites that could potentially take over if everything is not in balance. My shop offers seminars on worm composting in the spring, but I want to start one soon.


  1. oh cool...is this something they can ship for christmas? i've wanted to get the boys a worm farm for a while...

  2. Hey, do you want me to ask? The worm farms that I've seen there are already started, so people can purchase a fully functional farm. But I'm pretty certain that you could buy one with the worms separately. They're an excellent way to compost. There's no smell!

  3. yeah, do you mind asking? i'd love to purchase one with my special "anna" code.

  4. hahahha...

    I asked! We can totally ship you one, but you'll have to buy the worms separately (shouldn't be a problem) and it comes with an instructional dvd.