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Sunday, November 7, 2010

new crafting idea

I noticed that T has a giant bag of old wine corks on his desk and asked if I could have them to make something.

I'm going in with the girls later today so that they can "feed the worms" in the composting worm farms that we keep there (we have four of them and they eat up to a half a pound of food each day). I'm going to pick up the corks while I'm there.

I think that I can grab some straight pins and build a little table to use for displays. A quick google search proved to me that I'm not the first person to contemplate how I could turn my corks into something useful, functional and beautiful. I found both of these articles on the subject. I'm deliriously excited to work on this little project tonight!

Things in the house are moving along. I think that the bb's are finally gone. Considering that some people struggle with this for a year or more before they can solve the problem, we've done really well. Being rid of them was completely worth the loss of all of our possessions. There is no thing that is more precious than our peace of mind. From this we have learned a lot about the nature of our happiness. It was a hard lesson, but one that we are going to embrace.

Last night we hosted our first dinner here. Hill and Pail came over and I made a chicken Parmesan, spaghetti, a chunky pink sauce, Italian sausage and veggies, rolls and yellow squash. It was okay. Not my best creation, but it was fine. I used a lot of extra cheese in the sauce and it made it too greasy. I need to be more careful of the type and quality of the cheese I use to cook with. Hill and Jay relocated our little yellow love seat to B's bedroom (bit excitement) and I'm shocked by how much room remains there! It's interesting how you don't realize how big a room is until you see it furnished. After the girls went to sleep we played the Worst Scenario board game and drank a few beers. All in all it was a fun night!

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