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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last Friday Jay was able to meet with Bunny's teacher, principal and lower school counselor to talk about her obstacles and the teacher change that we requested.

We've noticed that each time we say something to B's teacher, her attitude towards B changes (temporarily, so hopefully this time will be a permanent change) and B stops fearing school to such a degree. She just wants her teacher's acceptance so badly and fears her disapproval so much. I mean, it's to the point where it gives her serious anxiety.

So, her teacher said that B's been doing much better both socially and academically. The report cards that she submitted were filled out a few weeks previous to our receiving them and Bunny had been struggling. She said that B does not need any sort of tutor and is exactly where she should be academically. She also mentioned Bunny's "husband" (who called her on Friday night after receiving a hand made card that said "this is my fone numbr. Call me now," by the way).

Again, creepy or cute? Neither Jay or I know. And worse, it seems that B is feeling very empowered by this relationship. I'm so desperate to jump-start her self-esteem, but I want her power to come from within. In life, little girls have so much pressure to snag themselves a man... six is too early to start feeling that pressure.

But, getting back to the teacher. She apologized for not responding to my concerned emails. She said that she just hadn't read them well enough to realize that they needed responding to. I don't care for that... but what are you going to do? All that really matters is that Bunny is doing well.

So, she'll stay where she is for the time being and we'll try to make it through the school year. Things seemed okay yesterday and the mornings are getting easier.

I guess that we'll see what happens.

On a different note, I'm totally still sick. :(

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