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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, so our plans to actually attend the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia turned into watching it on tv. It's just... cold... and early.

I'm on track to a great Thanksgiving dinner! My appetizers (other than the chopping that makes the cheese and meat plate) are prepped. I predict that my jalapeno poppers are going to be incredible. Even my cheesecake is made! In a bit, I'll chop the strawberries to serve on top.

By the way, I am not making a pumpkin pie and I feel like I'm robbing my family of some great Thanksgiving tradition. I decided not to do it because no one ever eats the pumpkin pie. Then, last night, I had this awful feeling that something was missing. And I realized it's the pumpkin pie. I might try to pick one up somewhere...

So, now I need to make my sangria, turkey, stuffing, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, peas and turnips. Yum...

I hope that everyone out there is enjoying their feast, friends and family today.

Happy cooking!


  1. oh dude. you could throw a pumpkin pie together in about 3 minutes.

    send me the poppers recipe. i'm drooling.

    happy thanksgiving! love, mr. president.

  2. I will! I linked to it in another post. I don't remember which one. It's on my friend Kim's blog called Peonies and Pistols.

    Hey, my sangria is INCREDIBLE too. It's like, super amazing. Best sangria ever. I mean, I've only had a spoon of it (because it's not even 11 am yet), but when the afternoon rolls around, I'm all over that pitcher!

  3. bahahaha...drinking at 12. i love it. our thanksgiving doesn't begin until 5: freaking 30 pm. i'm a little irritable about it.

  4. oh! but, my kids are having their first ever sleep over at my parents house tonight after t-giving! which means PARTY (which really means SLEEP!).

  5. Who says you can't drink before noon?? :)

    I made the poppers again tonight (what can I say? Todd has a friend over for football and I had the stuff to make 'em!) and I realized my recipe online was a little short on the pineapple juice. Tonight I added 4 tbsp. of juice vs. the 2 tbsp. I listed. I'm going to edit it online. And put up the entire recipe so folks don't have to go back and forth between my site and the Pioneer Woman's...

    I hope they were good!!

  6. ha!

    I dont' actually measure anything Kim.

    Here's what I did... I poured pinapple juice in until it looked right! And they were so stinking good!!!!!!!!!

  7. you're so cute! sounds delish. and I LOVE PUMPKIN PIE. if no one else ate it, i would eat the whole thing. i want some now.