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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Plans

We're not going anywhere for Thanksgiving this year.

I'll miss seeing the friends and family who we usually feast with on Thanksgiving, but have to admit that staying home is a relief. The following day starts a four week span of total on-the-go insanity for me. I'll be working 6 days a week and the day that I have off (Saturday) Jay will usually work.

I'll be going into work an hour earlier, which means that I'll be opening the store at 9. Jay is going to work the midshift so that he can take the girls to school each morning before going to work. He won't be out until six, but at least we'll still all be able to have an hour or so together before bedtime. While he takes the girls to school, I can tidy up the house and grab a quick shower before leaving.

So, on Thanksgiving this year, we're just hanging out together and maybe putting up our Christmas tree and doing a little winter decorating... and RESTING. I want to watch movies and cuddle up with my girls.

So, my menu is simple and stress free:

Apps: meat and cheese plate, artichoke dip and chips and the jalapeno popper recipe that my friend Kim posted to her blog.

Dinner: Turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, peas, corn and warm rolls.

Dessert: cheesecake and the Turkey shaped cookies that my children keep seeing on Noggin and are dying to make!

And that's it. Simple. Delicious. Uncomplicated.

Also, I think that I"ll make a pitcher of Sangria. I know that it doesn't necessarily meet a Thanksgiving theme, but... Sangria goes with pretty much everything.


  1. You will love those poppers! They are particularly good cold the next day. haha...

    For the pineapple juice I just dumped about 2 tbsp. (I'm guessing) in from the can, but I'd add and taste until it's the perfect hint of pineapple for you.

    You'll have to report back on how they turned out!