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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Private Post


Thanks for all the outreach and comments today on that last post!

I decided to make it private because it occurred to me that it's probably a terrible idea to complain about work on a public blog. Even though I wasn't complaining as much about my job as I was about myself... I still think that it was reflecting negatively on the company that I work for and I hadn't intended to and wouldn't want to do that. I honestly love the company and today was a much better day in sales for me.

So, I'll keep my future gripes strictly personal. And by personal, I mean about YOU.



  1. hahahah. i love you, anna. you make me laugh.

  2. I love you too, Laura.

    Someday I want to plan a big trip to Vermont with you... and I want to road trip it over to Erika's house.

  3. i know. that would be GREAT.

    and they said it would never last!!!

  4. hey, i think that is a smart idea =) my school has a policy about social media, very smart. glad you're feeling better about your job, you rock!

  5. Thanks Nikkol!

    Yeh, it's a good idea to keep a personal blog personal. I mean, I generally don't go online to slam anyone or anything that I care about. Though I like to think that my blog is a safe place to express myself, things can go too far and people often write things that they later regret. I've learned my lessons the hard way and am more careful now.