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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Well Folks, it's official...


I have wanted a new profile picture for my facebook. My hair is growing like a worm-compost tea fed flower garden and it's at this super-awkward stage. Stage: WORST OF THE WORST. I don't want to use dread pics anymore and the super short doo that I had previously isn't really what I look like... so I went to take some new pics today.

And damn.

Mama has got bags under her eyes that she didn't even know were there. It's like, beneath my eyes hides all of the emotional baggage of generations of tortured people.

Just LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MOTHER OF GOD!!!!! What has happened to my face?

And just as proof of the hair hell where I reside,

I have resorted to this:


From the back I appear to be a chubby 4th grader.

And from the front I look like I'm 50.


  1. LOL!

    You do NOT look as bad as you say! What happened to the dreds? I must have missed something...I thought you still had them...? Obviously not.

  2. I cut them off in July. My hair was super sort, but it grows really quickly.

    I was in Naples for the summer, visiting with my parents and I was swimming every day. My dreads got so heavy that they were giving me terrible headaches... so... I just did away with them.

    I'm actually looking forward to having a beautiful head of long hair!

  3. you don't look old! i always look way worse without my glasses on, they do a good job of covering bags and you're working a lot, so you're tired! and i think your hair is cute, i like short pigtails. and your hair is versatile, it'll be worth it when it's all long again! you are beautiful!

  4. As I've gotten older, I'm really regretting all of those young college age years (and beyond) as a heavy smoker. I can really see it in my face.

    I have smoker person lines around my mouth and lines on my forehead and bags under my eyes.

    I'm not feeling too great about myself.

    And when I feel bad I get nitpicky.

    My hormones must be all out of wack.