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Friday, October 1, 2010


The extermination went well. They exterminated our entire house (the new one) and will be back to do it again on October 13th. We are killing any chance of taking those mofo's with us. Our clothing is all still double bagged in trash bags. I will wash and dry it again when we take it out in a week. Also, we're holding off on bringing our storage facility furniture here for another week. Better safe than sorry, as they safe.

Jay went to the apartment and took pictures of the possessions that we're losing. My parents are helping us draft a letter to the apartment company and we're looking into our rights as victims and renters. We've lost everything that we own due to this infestation and though we aren't going to dwell on it, we are going to protect ourselves and someone should pay for this. Someone has been negligent and we are the victims of this negligence. The exterminator told us that every building in our neighborhood of center city is totally infested with bed bugs. It's a problem that was known about and that as landlords you are responsible for preventing and treating. There were exterminators coming into our building before we discovered our problem and mattresses propped up against the building next door. The exterminator told me that I should drive around center city and check out how many couches, mattresses and headboards I see outside. I did. It was sickening. I can't believe that I never put two and two together before.

We found a company who will safely wrap, remove and dispose of all the following things. We are considering everything in this apartment contaminated and abandoned. Unfortunately, we threw away the box of our "important documents" like marriage licenses, birth certificates and social security cards. But those things can all be replaced inexpensively over time.

The difficult things to lose, outside of the furniture that I loved so much is the artwork we have. The photo albums... like our wedding album... is a tough pill to swallow. Or the framed photographs our girls. These things can't be duplicated or replaced.

Keep in mind, all of the boxes in these pictures were packed to move. We were nearly done packing when we discovered the bedbugs. Normally my apartment wasn't full of brown boxes and dissembled furniture!!!!

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  1. damn, that really upsets me =( you truly did have some one of the kind art and i didn't even think of stuff like photos and that =(

    i think you're totally right, if the landlords had knowledge of this, which they probably did, they at least should've informed you at the very least. they you could've taken preventative measures. i think they should've had exterminators in the whole bldg. if they knew about it and it seems like they should be aware of things like that. sigh. i wish you the best.................