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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Getting Back To Normal

We are working on making things normal again here.

We have bed frames coming today. They aren't fancy or fantastic. They're just metal frames. We need to recover from the financial hit of bed bugs before we invest in nice furniture again.

The exterminator suggested bringing furniture in a week after our extermination. This gives the bed bugs a chance to come out of hiding, drag themselves through the poison pesticides and die. Then, if anything remains or (eek!) hatches, he'll be back to exterminate everything again... and will come back as many times as it takes to solve the problem.

So, this Saturday we're going to our storage facility and getting out our belongings. Couches, chairs, tables, pots, pans, dishes... Phew.

I am nervous about it, but we can't go without furniture forever and we do need to make things more normal for our kids. This has been such a long road. Kaitlyn was crying as she went into school today and the counselor told me that she says that she doesn't want to leave me during the day because I'm so stressed out. I find this heartbreaking.

I've also found that I'm hiding from a lot of people. Everyone wants to talk bed bugs with me and when I engage in conversations about them I get so anxious and depressed that I can't focus on anything else. I just need to let all of the harmful carcinogens in my home do their job and move forward now.

By the way, I was bitten by a dog this morning. It ran right up to me, bit my hand and drew blood. It's not a big bite, but geesh. Wanna see? It was strange. The dog bit me. It ran towards me, jumped up, I put my hand out defensively and it bit... and the owner was sort of like, "Yeh, he doesn't like adults... only children. That's why you have to let him smell you first." I was thinking, smell me? He just bit my hand!!!!

It's not that big of a deal, just another bizarre note in my sour concerto.

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  1. what a HUGE heart from such a small child. i can tell already she is starting to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders and you're doing the right thing but seeking help bc the earlier the better.

    and i can't believe that is the reaction the dog owner had. people go to court for shit like that. make sure you keep putting hydrogen peroxide on it.