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Friday, October 22, 2010

I Love My Shop!

I stopped in at the Big Green Earth Store after school pick-up today. I have a few dates that I can't work. One is Lila's birthday party, one is Lila's field trip and the other is a Saturday that Jay has to work. I HATE telling people that I can't work. That said, the people who own this shop are seriously the warmest people on earth. I feel so comfortable there.

The people I'm working for are so nice. They were happy to see me and so friendly and kind to the girls. We bought a little mouse flashlight that Bunny's had her eye on and they even gave me my employee discount!

I just know that I'm going to be so happy with this job. I'm really looking forward to my first day on Sunday. Also, I work Monday and Tuesday as well. I like the schedule because I have time to come home after I drop the girls off at school. I can do things like make the beds, clean a little, take a shower and maybe put dinner in the crock pot (after I replace my crock pot, of course) before leaving the house for work.

Today I learned that Klean Kanteen bottles preferable to Sigg bottles because stainless steel is better than coated aluminum (which is coated and can leak). After I work there for two months I get a free Klean Kanteen bottle. I will probably replace B and L's water bottles before that point though. My discount there is 25%. It should be a very green Christmas for the Holler House.

In other news, I found another dead bed bug today. Dead is good. Dead is good.


  1. my pals at zrecs.com unearthed all the issues with sigg bottles ages ago. the coating chips too.

    i can't wait for you to start & to hear more about the store. this place sounds so perfect for you!


  2. Oh really? Maybe I don't need to trade out then?

    Larry, my manager was like, "I know they're from Switzerland so everyone thinks that they're good... but they're not chocolate and they're not watches... soooooo..." lol

    This place does seem perfect for me. I REALLY like it there. You would too.

  3. oh, you definitely need to get rid of the siggs! they're bad.

    larry the manager! so, i guess we could possibly play each other in the world series. philly and texas are both in some kind of baseball thing right now, i guess.

  4. Ohhhhh... really?

    Reason 101 not to blindly trust Whole Foods: Siggs are Bad.