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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Garden State

We are heading to NJ to empty our storage unit this morning!

Tonight, WE WILL HAVE FURNITURE!!!! Hooray.

We've been living without furniture for three weeks now.

I feel like crackin' open a box of sangria and gettin' my celebrate on.

On a side note, I seriously wish that everyone I know had a blog. I don't care how well I know someone... if they have a blog I'd read it.


  1. It'll be just like Christmas!!!

  2. It IS!!!!!

    I never knew I'd love having my parents hand-me-downs so much. When we said that we wanted to hold on to them it was because we assumed that we'd buy a home that was much larger than our apartment in a year or so and would want to have extra furniture for it. We had no idea that we'd actually NEED the furniture. Thank God.