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Saturday, October 23, 2010

No homemade costumes this year.

But still super-cute (if you ask me)!

We're all ready for our Boo at the Zoo. Now we just need PapaJay.

Also, I picked up a little bottle of egg nog (the the good kind)
(the rumalicious kind) yesterday and I'm excited about sipping a glass of it while watching movies and cuddling up with my family tonight. Mmm...

Hooray, weekend!


  1. we went to our boo at the zoo yesterday. it was...a zoo. then, we went to a trunk or treat at our friends' church, which was less crowded, free, and we got a ton more candy. after all of that, both of my kids were asleep at 7:30. it was a great day!

    also, it was almost 90 here yesterday. i bought costumes too. lennon is brobee from yo gabba gabba. his costume is like a parka. poor guy kept asking for water. i eventually took them out of their 'stumes and just gave them their masks to wear.

  2. wow, super cute! i love it. so so so glad stuff is on the up and upper for the Holler house!

  3. That sounds SO nice and comfy! And makes me want some eggnog (spiked, of course!) too! I am so behind on my homework, though, I'm betting I'll be sitting at my computer instead. Wah!