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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Up and Off the Floor

With hesitance, we've started putting new furniture in our house.

This is our new kitchen table. It's no match for the beautiful dining room set that my parents gave me for my birthday a few years back, but it's fine. It will do. I'm happy to have it so that we can give up the card table and folding chairs that have been functioning as our couch, homework and dinner tables.


Also, our bed frames came. Like I said, it will be awhile before we buy head and foot boards for them... but at the very least they are off the ground. In this picture the beds are totally stripped. Why? Because I wash our bedding EVERY SINGLE DAY. I spend so much time doing laundry that it's practically a full time job. I actually ruined Kaitlyn's comforter and need to buy her a new one today. I over washed it and it began falling apart. I wash each sheet, pillowcase, blanket and comforter and then dry them all for two 80 minute dryer cycles every day. Notice the little white bowl around the leg. Each of our beds has 4 of them. They are full of poison and once the bedbug crawls into it... they'll never crawl out. Mwah hahahahhahhaha...

So, on Saturday we'll be getting some furniture out of storage. I know that what is in the storage facility will work for us in some respect. We will make it.

The company who is disposing of our old furniture and our old belongings would like to do it on Friday night, but Jay's been getting some resistance from the condo association. You'd think that they'd want every contaminated piece of furniture out of there as soon as possible, but instead they're complaining about where they can park the truck? Bizarre.


  1. your condo assoc. seems whack.

    i like the table, simple =)

    and it seems like you're taking all necessary precautions, here's to you being pest free!

  2. Have you sued the condo assoc. yet?? :)

  3. We're allllll over it Kim. We're just trying to deal with our immediate crisis and then we have to organize all of our complaints/proof/emails/reciepts and timeline. Then we need to bring them to a lawyer. My MIL sent some other information about renters rights groups to speak to as well.