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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2d Extermination

Today is the BIG EVENT! We've been counting down the days and it's finally here! I feel like it's a prom or a party or a birthday or a holiday. But no... it's an extermination. Who ever thought that an extermination could be such a joyous occasion?

Here are my plans:

In a few minutes I need to strip the girls beds and get everything in the wash (***which may not be easy considering that Bunny is still laying in her bed begrudgingly, refusing to get out of it).

Then I need to get the girls ready and off to school. Come home, flip the laundry, do a bit of tidying, get dressed (and if I'm lucky I'll be able to shower as well), put my cats in their carriers (something that I've been dreading because they FIGHT) and take them to the vet.

Then, I need to get back to my house to meet the exterminator.

I forgot that tomorrow was picture day. My poor children have nothing to wear. Usually we do dresses and get up early to curl their hair. Instead, due to the constraints of my budget and the fact that I don't have ANYTHING for them to wear or ANY way to curl their hair, I'm going to go out to the Old Navy and buy them each a new dress (hopefully I can find one that is on sale). Though I can imagine some people not feeling that this is sacrificial, it actually is. I generally do fancy outfits and lots of accessories. But anyway, then I'm going to a drug store and picking up two packs of curlers and a few bobby pins.

Unfortunately I'll have Sidney with me for this trip. I'm petrified of leaving her in a car alone. My friend J says that I can pick her up and she'll go along for the ride. She'll just Sidneysit while I do my errands. Phew!!!!!

After I pick the girls up from school we have to get frozen yogurt. We do this every Wednesday. I've noticed that Bunny is especially interested in new traditions lately. She's been asking for all sorts of things to "happen on such and such day." Last night I made a whole, stuffed, citrus, honey chicken and she asked that I do this every Tuesday. I think that they miss pie night a lot... which is the one tradition that we've had and kept. I think that I'll start pie nights again next Thursday!

By the way, it's a little bit early in the day to know for sure (because bites usually don't appear on me until after lunch) but I am 99% sure that it's been over 5 days since I've been bitten by a bed bug. I say this because yesterday I had my first itch free day and I noticed that my bites seem to itch for around five days. I've also noticed that my dog doesn't appear to have been bitten recently either. Bunny hasn't been bitten since she was attacked that night in our old apartment. And Lila hasn't been bitten since the night preceding the morning when I found the poisoned bed bug in her bed (almost two weeks ago). Who knows about Jay. It's tough to say because he doesn't have a reaction to them. He may have been bitten over the weekend... but I suspect it was a mosquito bite. After all, there's no way that they could have eaten him up all summer and he didn't feel anything... and now suddenly he's allergic to them.

I have never hated anything the way I hate a bed bug

***I just noticed that my time stamp is off and this post shows as being published at 3:58 am. Don't worry. It was actually 6:58 when I published this. I wasn't forcing my 6 year old out of bed in the middle of the night.


  1. busy busy.

    it's awesome that you recognize bunny's need for routine. knowing what to expect is really comforting for me and many others. uncertainty in any form really drives anxiety =/ if she is experiencing chemical and/or situational anxiety, having routines in place will really help out. well done.

    you're a rock star! <3

  2. Hey, I'm glad that you said this. We are really going to honor her need for routine. My poor children have had their entire lives turned upside down. And not just the bedbugs either.

    First, we spent our entire summer away. Bunny returned home with a broken arm and within a week had started school. We were already packing to leave at that point. Then we discovered the bedbugs. Everyone panicked. We had to get rid of everything, including their favorite toys. And now we've been living without furniture in a new home for three weeks.

    Also, Bunny DEFINITELY has anxiety. We are finding a child psychologist asap and setting up an appointment for her.

    She deeply wants routine. Like, I can't tell you how often she asks, "can we do this on every (insert day)" So, now we eat chicken on Tuesdays, get frozen yogurt on Wed. and go to church on Sundays.

    i notice that Bunny's anxiety is worsened by the dark. not just at night though. She says that its hard to go to school because the sun isn't really out yet. Interesting, right!