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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In an effort to be responsible, I put my phone on vibrate and left it in my purse while I was at work today.

Just before noon the shop phone rang and I saw Jay on the caller id.

I was like, "Hi. I can't talk." And just in case he didn't realize where he was calling, I added, "I'm at work."

I'm not sure why I did this. Jay's not really a social call kinda guy. In retrospect I can't imagine him calling me while I was working if it wasn't urgent. At the time I was taken off guard.

So he was like, "Lila puked. The school called. I just picked her up and we're at home now."

I felt like the worst mom ever.

Of course, the ONE time one of my children gets sent home from school, it's on day three of my new working mom status.

I felt worse when I saw Lila and she was like, "I told the doctor at my school to call you at the Big Green Earth Store and she did but you didn't answer."

Hopefully Lila will be able to go back to school tomorrow.

And hopefully it's just the power of suggestion that is making me feel green. I can't get sick now!

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