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Sunday, October 17, 2010

...and exhale

I took Bunny to church this morning (for the second week in a row) and then we went to Target to buy a few new toys (thanks Victoria)!

As soon as we got home we worked, worked, worked. Finally, we are unpacked. I found many treasures from college that my mom had tucked away for me. This included many pairs of black pants in a size 10, coincidentally. They are a little big, but I can get away with them. Today, this meant that I actually had something to wear to church. Also, I don't remember buying so much at JCrew when I was in college. Likely, this is because I didn't have to pay for anything then. It is also likely that my mom kept these things because she DID have to pay for them. Further, I'd like to thank my 20-something self for dressing like a soccer mom. Who knew that I'd still like strappy, angora sweater sets at 34 years old.

Here are a few new pics of our downstairs! There is so much great kitchen gear that I didn't take pictures of. No doubt that there will be many dinner pictures to come that will showcase my stemware! We're still holding off on our bedrooms. Minimal is better. Less to lose if we have a reinfestation (bite my tongue).

Look, we even have a few books!!!! Too bad that they mainly focus on the GRE and pregnancy.

Toy box that will eventually go in Lila's room.

Bunny, overstuffed chair from my mom that will eventually be put in Bunny's bedroom with a very old tv! lol

TV set up. I love this. We have a little tv stand that we're going to use in Bunny's bedroom. I like this so much more!


This living room set will also be welcoming a new storage ottoman and end table on the 19th!


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