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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Field Trip

I went on a field trip with Lila's kindergarten class today (who, by the way, seemed hugely chilled out in comparison to what I've seen previously and heard about them). I am told that there is a boy who was sent back to preschool. We had a really nice time and both Lila and I got to pick a pumpkin and listen to Farmer Doug talk about warm and cool weather produce while on a hay ride.

As we were heading back into the city on the bus it struck me as sort of backwards. In my life, it was normal to go on a field trip TO the city. And when you'd enter the hustle and bustle of any cities downtown you'd feel a little bit grown-up and excited by the buzz of your surroundings. For us, it's completely reversed. We all got excited by the "Welcome to New Jersey" sign, going over the bride out of the city and by the leaves falling around us. When we entered the city again we were all relaxed by the familiarity of home.

I made oatmeal raisin cookies last night for the kids and we shared them after the picnic lunch. When we got back I dropped the rest off at our new Big Green Earth Store location and headed over to Jay's work. Then I walked home and picked up the car so that I could use it to pick the girls up. I probably walked about five miles today... which feels good.

Here are some pictures from the day:

Lila was just as excited to discover morning glories as she was to pick pumpkins.

This is Farmer Doug, who told my excited daughter that they call Morning Glory's "nuisances" and don't like them as she was caressing and admiring it.

The hay ride:



And finally, pumpkin picking!



  1. NICE! Looks like a blast. I learned a lot about what you guys did yesterday from this.

  2. Ha! We probably shouldn't rely so heavily on social media to communicate being that we live in the same house. I was just so tired last night... I passed out immediately. I'm glad that I put jammies on before laying down with Bunny.

  3. I was ridiculously tired as well...so i think it worked out that I got even more info than just being at home. Technology only enhances our bond even further!