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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I woke up feeling a little bit better this morning. Actually, I felt better after speaking with the exterminator. My big fear was that our new furniture could be infested. The dead bed bug that we found was on a blanket that was sitting on our new couch. Though I realize that bed bugs aren't likely to travel downstairs when we all sleep upstairs (they like to stay close to where they eat) I was scared that that little jerk did just that. It what if it laid eggs there?

It's totally possible that it died on a floor upstairs and got stuck on someones sock as they were walking around. I think that's likely. Then that person came downstairs and cuddled up in a blanket on the couch.

But the uncertainly of this was really messing with me.

The exterminator told me that the bb's aren't going to make nests in my couches because tehy can't. He sprayed something in our house to prevent them from reproducing. So, our problem is only the existing bb's who survived the first extermination. He said that if we had different floors that we wouldn't have to worry about them at this point. They'd just be gone. It's our floors that have done us in.

But he told me that from this point forward our problem should be over and that though we may find more bb's, they shouldn't be strong enough to bite us and will all be dead soon. On the off chance that we do continue to be bitten, he said to call him and he'll come out and exterminate again.

Bunny told me that she was only sad yesterday while going into the school. I really hope that this morning goes more smoothly. She has a dentist appointment this afternoon that Jay's leaving work early to take her to (Jay is the dentist guy. I do shots. He does fillings.)

I'm still really excited to start my new job. I'm going to spend a lot of my day on their website reading product descriptions so that I can be knowledgeable about the merchandise from the get-go. I also think it's great that I get to be a part of the new store from the set-up. I will know where everything is because I probably put it there! That's exciting. I'll also get to know the products better before having to sell them.

Please let our lives turn around now.


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better. Life has been so insane lately. I'm very ready for life to get back to normal, at least as much as it can.

  2. Yeh. I honestly can't take much more of this and I doubt that you can either. Yesterday I was seriously looking up woman's shelters to run to.