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Saturday, October 23, 2010

amazing people

Tonight, while I was mixing and pre-heating the beginnings of what would become our "breakfast burrito" dinner night (Bunny's personal favorite), I saw someone at our front door. Jay was like, "Oh, it's Jack," and hopped up to the door so that he could let him in. Jack is our good friend, but he's really like family at point. Also, he happens to be Jay's boss at Nasdaq.

He came through the door with giant bags full of toys! It was AMAZING.

Normally, Jack comes over during the fall on Thursday night for what has traditionally been called "Pie Night." Pie night is a big deal to B and L. They love the formality of it all. We have company and a huge dinner that I generally spend hours working on. Also, we have a fresh cooked pie or some sort of frilly dessert. The grown-ups drink wine and the kids get to watch movies and eat appetizers. It's just a special night and usually lasts from the beginning of fall until Christmas. This year, for obvious reasons, pie night has been canceled. Boo.

But this evening Jack came over with his Santa sized surprise. We ate dinner, broke out the new monkey play-doh and sang Lady-Gaga songs.


On one hand, I hate feeling like a charity case. On the other, our worlds have really been rocked. Jay and I are doing our best to make life okay for our children... and they've been incredibly understanding of the sacrifices that we've made as a family. But it feels good to see them with new things, happy, playing, being imaginative and genuinely carefree.


  1. this is laura. while elliott would probably be touched, i am not sure he would say that it "warms (his) heart".

  2. hahhahaha... I was wondering. And I thought, "That Elliot. He's so sensitive."

  3. Aww... way to go Jack! What a good guy he is... I bet the girls were so excited to play with the new toys!!

  4. You always do such fun things as a family! I may steal the Pie Night idea from you! With credits, of course! :)

  5. Mandie, they really have been. For someone without kids, Jack certainly does know his way around a toy store.

    Kim, no need to credit me. haha... I'm pretty certain that there have been pie nights before mine. It really is fun too. The key is to do it mid week. It's something to look forward to that never gets messed up by weekend plans!