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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Grochowicz Farm

After a morning meltdown I decided that I needed to get the girls out of our empty house and into some fresh air for a good dose of happiness. Jay worked over 12 hours and we headed up to northern New Jersey to a farm that we used to frequent. They have a fall festival every year and we've always gone to it. Honestly, I think that the girls are a little bit old for the festivities there, but they didn't seem to care. All they really cared about was the fact that they could run around and play. There were fun activities like pumpkin picking, pumpkin painting, face painting, a little kid maze, tractor tricycle rides, scare crows to dress up, a corn pit, a hay ride and good food. My friend Ana and her daughter Chloe joined us for a few hours too.

It was nice to get out of the city.

ps. in my last post I said that "no one would help us," which was a poor way to phrase it. More to the point, we weren't able to find people who were able to help us today. I don't think that anyone was like, "I won't help those Holler's move." Sorry if I made it seem that way. It was one of those venting, ranting, teary-eyed posts.















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