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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

...and the bites go on

Yesterday, both of my girls woke up with bed bug bites. When is this going to get better?

I seriously feel like I could cry (again). I wasn't even able to send Lila to school because the bite on her foot is so terrible that her foot was too swollen to fit in socks and shoes.

The exterminator said to give it until the end of the week and if we're still getting bites at that point he'll come back to spray again. Killing bed bugs isn't instant. They have to crawl around in the poison and then it takes time for them to die.

Also, Bun is struggling in school. I wrote to her teacher a few times yesterday... but she didn't write back. Granted, it's only 6:30 am and my daughter's issues and struggles in school undoubtedly feel much bigger to me than they do to her. That said, the school that kept us in Philadelphia, that seemed like the only great thing about Philadelphia... is disappointing me and failing both of my children this year. GREAT.

More than ever, I just want to run away to the burbs.

I'd better go now so that I can go fetal and cry before my kids need to get dressed and out the door.

And for your viewing pleasure:

Lila's normal ankle.

Lila's bug bitten ankle (one day after the fact).


  1. Oh hun, I wish that you could come here to get away for a while. Or that I was rich and could send you all somewhere on vacation. (((hugs)))

    Poor Lila.

  2. Thanks Erika. I wish those things too. Sadly, the thing about the bb's is that after you exterminate it's really important that everyone sleep in their beds to lure the little jerks out of hiding. After they come out they crawl on the poisons and die. But not before they bite us. It takes awhile for the poison to kill them.