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Friday, October 1, 2010


Sherbert Holler is in the hospital.

This morning when I came downstairs I noticed that he was lethargic. Then he started throwing up, growling and hissing.

Because of the extermination yesterday I knew exactly what had happened.

The vet said that he's experiencing a toxic reaction to the pesticides and is keeping him over night. He's experiencing some little seizures and is generally sort of bad... but he's going to live. He's going to be okay.

The vet said that we did everything correctly and that normally the chemicals that they used in our home would be safe for Sherbert. Unfortunately because the weather here was so tropical yesterday, so hot and so humid, the pesticides didn't dry properly and Sherbert probably got some on his paws and licked it off sometime during the night. I did the best that I could to close the doors to the room with the most moisture... but he's always very active in the night so it's completely possible that he got into something while we were asleep.

Between the bugs and the chemicals, I wonder when I will ever feel clean again (just seeing the photograph of Sherbie that was taken in our old apartment makes my stomach turn).

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  1. awwww =( that sucks. it sounds like you did everything you could. you can't control the weather....that would be a good superpower... sidetrack

    hope sherbert heals soon. and i hope more that you can feel secure again. it sounds like you're really shook up, as i imagine i would be... since it's all over the city, maybe there is a support group or something, or do you know anyone else who went through this that might have some coping skills for you? i'm sorry this is happening to you all, even your non-human family members =(