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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I went to the doctor to talk about nutrition and my speculated gluten intolerance.

We talked a lot about my diet and my overall history with food and vegetarianism. Interestingly, she said that she was so happy to hear that I'm eating meat now. She said that she personally feels that vegetarian diets are unhealthy because many people consume and awful lot of crap in order to get as much protein as they need. She said that she'd rather see a person eating red meat on a regular basis than pastas and other carbs.

She hugely advocated low-carb diets and encouraged me to get the carbohydrates I eat from fruit and vegetables instead of grains. So basically my diet should be meat, fruit, veggies and dairy. No flours, grains or added sugar. This isn't really a stretch for me.

We touched on the quality of meat and other food that I eat, but didn't speak a lot about it because I already care a lot about eating organic food.

I think that it's interesting because it wasn't that long ago that most doctors would tell you that eating meat each day was terrible for your health and that a vegetarian diet was, by far, the healthiest thing that you could do for your body.

I need to make an appointment at Quest to have my blood work done.


  1. i didn't even read this whole post, but something stuck out to me.

    i think it's totally true that some vegetarians either don't get enough protein or eat processed fake meat soy protein, but i think you can be a healthy vegetarian. when i was younger i had no concept and would just eat a cheese sandwich or something, but now i know a lot more options and am happy and healthy with my vegetarian diet that i did talk about with my doc and i'm doing it without fake stuff, for the most part. also *news flash* i have lost a total of 32 pounds! i should've posted this on my blog or gone to bed like i said, but instead i came here. now i know i will write about my health stuff soon. aren't you excited?

    i am glad you're getting checked out and i don't care what other people eat, so steak it up, grrl!

  2. hahaha! Nikkol, I also know that people can be very healthy in their vegetarianism. I do see my dr's point because I think that it's harder to eat well as a vegetarianism than it is as a meat eater. I mean, you live in the coolest place on earth with lots of amazing options everywhere you turn, but for most of the world... things like big, soft pretzels and pizza turn into meals.

  3. i read the whole post now ;)

    and, lol, very true, there are a lot more options for me out here. i couldn't go back to going out and having the only option being a veggie burger prolly cooked on the same thing as meat and fries cooked in animal fat =/

    i am really glad you eat organic, especially meat, i think it's really important. good luck with your blood tests. i have a huge bruise on my arm from mine...

  4. I'll keep you posted!

    My doctor would argue that animal fat isn't actually that bad for you.

    I think that the bad thing about a veggie burger (some... not ALL... just a typical one in a diner in NJ) is the soy and wheat involved. Also, they'd usually be served on a wheat bun... and probably a bleached one. Gross.

    Soy and Wheat. Nasty. Have you watched Food Inc. yet. It totally changed my life and teh way I eat.

    If I didn't have access to affordable organic meat, I would probably have to stop eating all together. lol.