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Thursday, October 7, 2010


I took Bunny Kaitlyn for her pediatric depression evaluation at our holistic doctor.

I really do feel as though Kaitlyn has actual, chemical anxiety. I don't doubt that it's increased situationally, but I also think that there's something deep within her that makes her sad, anxious and horrifically self-loathing. I have never seen a six year old who is so hard on herself. This afternoon we were talking about how she has some stress because her pencil eraser at school is broken. I was like, "Ask Teacher T for a new one..." and she said that she doesn't want to because if she has an eraser than it's as if it's okay to make mistakes. I was like, "It IS okay to make mistakes. It's even GOOD to make them."

Anyway, our doctor suggested that I give Kaitlyn a chewable supplement called GABA, which is a natural anti-anxiety supplement. I have to say, I've found it really effective.

It treats the following:

• You often feel anxious for no reason.
• You sometimes feel “free-floating” anxiety.
• You frequently feel “edgy,” and it’s difficult to relax.
• You often feel a “knot” in your stomach.
• Falling asleep is sometimes difficult.
• It’s hard to turn your mind off when you want to relax.
• You occasionally experience feelings of panic for no reason.
• You often use alcohol or other sedatives to calm down.

Outside of the alcohol symptom, Kaitlyn experiences all of these. Today was the first day that I gave it to her before school and I totally saw a difference. She wasn't particularly cheery, but she didn't cry and she didn't seem super-stressed the way she often does in the morning.

Also, to boost serotonin, I bought a big chunk of real, actual chocolate from Whole Foods. I've been giving it to her sporadically with the hope that it will brighten her spirits. I mean, if it doesn't boost her serotonin, it should at least make her feel perky!


  1. hugs!

    my first diagnosis was at age 4. i've been in family and individual therapy since then, both unwillingly and willingly.

    to treat anxiety, usually a combination of 'meds'(gaba in this case) and therapy is the suggested route. i would highly suggest that you look into therapy for her or as a family if and when you can.

    good luck!

  2. Nikkol, I hear you and I really agree that's the correct route to go. I could benefit from some therapy as well. No doubt.

    Bunny goes in to visit her school counselor on a regular basis. This woman knows ALL our secrets. lol. I love her and so does Bunny. She tells me that it feels good to have someone else to talk to. My little Bun, she's sucha sweet little thing.