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Monday, October 11, 2010

Unbelievable kindness

Sometimes, when you feel alone, someone will do something extraordinary that makes you feel loved and supported. Some days this happens on a small scale. A stranger smiles at you or opens a door. A neighbor helps you inside with your grocery bags. A bakery worker gives your child a free cookie while you shop. A lady on the street engages you in conversation about how much she likes your shoes/hair/earrings. Just something that makes you feel good.

Tonight it happened for me by way of a gift from an unexpected place.

A friend of mine, Ginger, who 17 years ago was one of my very best friends sent us a care package. What amazes me is that I haven't seen in her nearly 15 years... and yet she managed to send us the most considerate, heartfelt package. She printed photographs of my family from my facebook page and framed them. She baked us a loaf of pumpkin bread and jarred smoked peach and habenaro salsa, sugar free peach preserves, canvases, paints and paintbrushes so that we can create artwork for our new home and a whole craft kit for my girls.

I would never expect this from ANYONE. I have been blinded by the pure love in the generous offering of people... this just totally shocked me.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate such a kind act.

I feel so loved.

Here are some pictures that I took just after opening the package. My girls were so incredibly thrilled! The photos are a little dark because I took them with my phone and it's the evening... but you'll get the gist.






  1. that's the sweetest thing EVER. i love ginger (and the hollers!)!!!