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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday- Day One Post Bed Bug Crisis

I finally feel as though we have annihilated all living creatures under 5 lbs who dare to set up camp within our walls, floorboards and roof.

It's cold here today. I really wish that I'd sent the girls to school in warmer coats. Instead I just sent them in their puffy vests.

I'm stuck at home, waiting for UPS to deliver new clothes and school uniforms for the girls. They've attempted to make the delivery two times already and if I miss it today they'll return the boxes to the manufacturer. I'm not even showering until they get here.

I've decided to spend my day cooking (and eating)!

I've been making a super hardy, thick, chunky beef stew and little homemade bread bowls to serve it in. YUM. I'll skip the bread bowl, but the stew smells delicious.

That said, I have missed two things in my kitchen more than anything else that we left behind:
1.) My kitchen Aide Mixer (the pastry hook imparticular)
2.) My crock Pot

I mean, I can do anything by hand that I was previously using these tools for. But, they make everything so much easier!!!!

The peace and quiet feels nice today.

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