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Monday, October 25, 2010

Big Green Earth Job- Day 2

Admittedly, I'm exhausted.

It's only day two and the drain of keeping up all of my normal momming around combined with my part-time job has got me yawning a few hours earlier each day. I'm sure that this is exasperated by the fact that I'm walking 17 blocks to work and then 17 blocks home.

Here's the thing about me: I stick with things for long periods of time because I HATE the feeling of not knowing what I"m doing and I REALLY HATE making mistakes. It's so humiliating.

Tomorrow I'll be there on my own, which is scary... but I can do it! I'm a little worried about the pricing of refills and I'm still uncertain how to use the refill cards where people are able to purchase refills for their laundry detergent or surface cleaner in advance. That said, I have faith in myself. I'll be able to do it. Everything will be fine.

I continue to love the people who I work for and I'm excited to start the writing portion of this job. I'm going to head up a bit of the online social networking, which will be awesome for my writing portfolio.

Seriously, I feel like this is a place where I will work for years.

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