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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Calling in the armed forces

I woke up with a bite.

The exterminator that Lila's teacher recommended will be here before noon.

If we can't beat this, I am going to have to leave. I guess that I'll need to take my children and pets and run. I can't live this way. I can't constantly fear. I am on the verge of losing it.

In other news, my super-technology breaking power is in full effect and I can make my cell phone go crazy without even touching it. It plays angry birds and calls my friends all on its own. It even goes to web pages or opens texts and begins writing in letters. Jay thinks it's the craziest thing that he's ever seen. He wasn't to video tape it.


The exterminator has come and gone.

For the first time since we discovered our bed bug infestation I feel hopeful. He said that the entire section of center city where we were living is completely bed bug infested. He also said that he will solve this problem by using three different chemicals and coming back for a follow up visit. The first chemical will kill anything living now. The next chemical will last for 12 days and kill anything that hatches and the third chemical has a lasting effect of six months. He will also come back for a follow up and do it all again.

He'll be here at 2 and I have to have the girls out of the house until 7. They get out of school at 3:15. I was thinking of taking them to New Jersey to eat at their favorite restaurant for dinner. I'll have all of the pets with me, and I'll have to leave Sidney in the car. But we'll be there with her most of the time. By the time we get back to Philadelphia we should be worry free.

No bed bug shall be left standing.


  1. that sounds so awful! i am glad you finally feel hopeful. it's hard being in a city where you don't know that many people to try to find reliable services that you would need in a blue moon. i hope bed bugs don't make it to portland, i am nervous already.......

  2. Hey Anna, have you looked into the method where heat is used to kill the bugs? Like the exterminator has some super hot machine that burns them all up? I saw it on the internet ... because I'm feeling super bed bug paranoid myself!!

  3. Hey Lorien, the guy that we hired used steam in conjunction with a bunch of terrible chemicals. I've contacted A LOT of exterminators and none of them use steam alone. The closest that we could find was a company who would bring a trailer to your home, put all of your furniture in it, heat it for hours at a crazy degree to kill bed bugs (and maybe eggs if they're lucky) and then treat your home with chemicals. But that was way beyond our price range.

    I don't feel comfortable with all the chemicals used on our home. But I feel more comfortable with the chemicals than I do with bedbugs.

    I think that my traveling days are over. I don't honestly know that I'll ever be able to stay in another hotel for as long as I live...

    The exterminator said that there are people who actually go insane from this. The bedbugs get into their heads and they just can't take it. I told him that I might be one of these people.

  4. Wow, that's so scary, Anna. Ara and were talking about how insanely lucky we are to have never had a problem with them, considering how much he travels (and stays in totally shady places) and my addiction to thrift stores! Need to find some wood to knock on ....

    Don't worry, you'll be fine! You'll settle into your new lovely home, and forget all about this before you know it.

  5. This sounds really hopeful! Those bugs will get theirs!