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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday-granola day

I love lazy, cooking Sundays!

I made a loaf of bread, a gigantic batch of granola, and am thinking about making a banana bread too. This is a day for the kind of weekend dinner that you start at 2 and have on the table at 5:30.

I used this bread recipe. It is WONDERFUL! I have long since abandoned my bread maker, which was a hand-me-down. Maybe I'll revisit the contraption soon. Also, I use this general granola recipe and just dress it up a bunch with dates, raisins, seeds, nuts and chocolate chips. For this batch I bought a pound of trail mix from the bulk containers at Whole Foods. This is a cute little article on granola that I read at the beloved Whole Foods site.

In our packing challenge, Jay is tackling the dissembling of our children's trundles. We're putting the little twin mattresses down in the family room for a few days until we can bring them over to our new place. The girls think it's great and have been cuddled up watching movies. I'm trying to stay markedly unfreaked out about the mess of brown boxes and stacked pieces of furniture that our lives are becoming. We pick up our new keys on Wednesday and I'm painting on Saturday night.

Here are some pictures of my adventures in Sunday food (plus one of the girls!!)