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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

eatcher veggies

I do my food shopping at two different places, which is a complete pain in the butt when you live in a city. Both places are walkable, and I have one of those little, personal grocery carts that all urban mamas secretly keep folded up in their coats closets.

I buy organic.

I used to buy organic when we could afford it.

Then, I would pick and choose which organic things to buy.

For lots of various, personal and pertinent reasons, I buy organic. There will be no High Fructose Corn Syrup creepin' into my cart. HELL NO.

So, I love my local Whole Foods and would like to buy all of my groceries there, but realistically that's impossible. It would mean stretching the $400 budget I have for a grocery trip to an $800 budget. Craziness. Instead, I buy organic, local meat and produce from the Reading Terminal Market (AKA the foodies paradise) and my dairy and general aisle/personal products from the Whole Foods Market.

Recently I've noticed that when I go through my check-out at Whole Foods they ask if I'd like to donate money to The Great American Salad Bar Project. This is such an important cause, particularly for places like Philadelphia where so many children depend on the Free Meal programs to eat both breakfast and lunch every day. The Great American Salad Bar Project is raising money to help put salad bars stocked with fresh veggies in one school near the participating Whole Foods. I was happy to see that within the top three participating Whole Foods Markets, two of them were Philly based... and one was the Whole Foods store that I use for my groceries.

If you have an extra dollar and you're looking for a good cause, check out The Great American Salad Bar Product and donate online. In doing so, you are potentially giving healthy options to children who may not have any- particularly in Philadelphia.

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