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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New House In South Philly

We got the keys to our new house today!

The house itself has grown on me. I love the old floors and the exposed brick walls. Also, I am spectacularly excited to have a back yard again. An urban backyard is like a golden nugget, to be cherished and protected forever. I'm hoping the there's enough light to build a little vegetable garden with the girls next spring.

Also, the kitchen in this house is so nice!!!! I mean, our apartment has a kitchen aseembled with dental floss and popsicle stickskitchen that is... fine. It has the things that "nice" kitchens require, (or, at least in the world according to HGTV) like stainless steel and granite countertops. But the appliances are so cheap and the cabinets are crap and the granite is paper-thin. Our new kitchen was done really nicely and I'm excited to cook in it.

Jay and I still don't agree on where we should put our dining room table, being that the house doesn't have a proper dining room. It's one of those things that we'll have to see before we can make a real decision.

I still have reservations about the neighborhood... but I'm trying to embrace it. I am trying to stay positive and hope for the best.

We can't move in until October 2nd... but that gives me some time to paint before we move in.

Pictures soon!

UPDATE!!!!!! I went by the house with the girls after school today and took a few pictures! There will be more to come after we paint and move in!



  1. You're in luck! I'm going to update this post with a bunch of photos in a minute!!!!

    But... I can't wait until you see it in person!!!

  2. this place is freaking gorgeous. EMBRACE!

  3. Anna, I really, really, really love it. It reminds me of my friend Karen's townhouse in JC - which was basically my dream home!

  4. This is super nice! Congratulations!!