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Saturday, September 18, 2010


I should really be packing. Instead, I'm blogging while waiting for my pretzel dough to rise.

I've noticed that the content of this blog consists mostly of day-to-day mama life and food stuff. Recently I've become aware of just how important food is to me. Good quality is such a big deal and I just never, ever, ever, ever want to be in a situation where I am eating something that I don't feel good about again.

Today, at around 11, Jay suggested that we start walking down to the Magic Garden (we were scheduled for a noon tour). We decided to grab a quick bite to eat on South Street before our tour. South street has pretty much every kind of food that a person could want to eat. There's everything from fast food to fancy-date-night places. I thought that we'd just go to the Whole Foods salad bar or stop in at a pizzeria, but instead we happened upon this placed called the Loving Hut. I think that it would cost a family of four about $20 to eat at a place like McDonalds. For $20, we were able to get giant plates of organic vegan food. We got a quinoa salad, a humongous and incredible sushi roll and a monster sized plate of chow mien noodles. This food was so delicious, so nutritious and so cheap, that it occurred to me that we really don't ever have to eat crap so long as we're living in this city.

Last night we ate at the White Dog cafe, which is another organic restaurant. It was on the fancy and pricey side, but so yummy.

On my internal list of Philly-pros-and-cons, I add good, healthy, affordable and fancy food to the list of pros.

Our tour of the Magic Gardens was cut short because my girls Lila had no patience for the experience. I mean, she didn't have a tantrum or anything crazy, but she was miserable and wanted to leave. In her defense, she's newly five years old, it was all about fascinating history... but her interest in that was minimal and she is suffering from some miserable allergies. Jay, Bun and I were all hanging on every word of the tour guide, because the artist Isaiah Zagar is a completely awe-inspiring. I truly hope that I bump into him around town some time. He's just about finished his work on a huge warehouse and though it's closed to the public they're holding a fund-raiser there soon. I'm going to try to find information on it because I'd love to go to something like that. I have a feeling that it would be packed with interesting people and good conversation.

After we left the street tour, we returned to the gardens to wander around and take some pictures.

Here are a few photos from the day! Jay was with us, but he was the photographer. Isn't that the worst? You take all of the pictures and there's no photo evidence of your presence there!

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  1. What a cool looking place! Your girls are so dang adorable! And YOU look FABULOUS!! Really and truly FAB! I really wish we were closer! I would LOVE to hang out!!

  2. Meeeeee tooooooo.

    I really admire your life and love to read about it. Also, I've started reading your sister's blog and love it.

    Someday the world with bring us back together again. I just sort of know it. It's funny how that happens.

    Thank you for the compliments.