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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Phileo, A Completely Human and Totally UnBedBug Related Thought!

I've noticed Frozen Yogurt Bars popping up all over the city. FroYo and Cupcake Bakeries are on every Philadelphia corner.

I pulled the girls out of school about an hour early today. We had flu shots scheduled for both of them. This is the first flu shot that my children have ever had. I've been vehemently against them. But where Jay almost DIED last winter and sat in the hospital with limited movement of his legs for an entire week and continues to have a damaged spine and numbness due to the swine flu... I considered it a universal lesson in cost vs. benefit of vaccinations.

So, back to the subject. I took the girls for these shots. Bunny (who would now like to be called Kaitlyn) so Kaitlyn only needed one shot. Just the flu shot. Unfortunately, Lila was due for two other shots and needed to get three. My poor little bean.

As a parental food/guilt bribe, I decided to take the girls to the Phileo that they've been dying to try. It's a child magnet with shockingly bright decor (it sort of reminded me of Maoz, if Maoz did lap tops and free wifi) and sweets displayed. I've never been to a place like this. They basically have these giant cups that you can put as much or as little yogurt in. It's self serve and the yogurt machines are built into a long, green wall and are followed by what seemed like an endless and impressive array of topping choices. Lila chose the cappuccino frozen yogurt topped with coconut flakes and chocolate. Bunny Kaitlyn got the cake batter frozen yogurt with sprinkles and chocolate chips. They loved it. It was pretty cheap too. We got two decent sized yogurts for 4 bucks and change.

It was almost enough to chase the blues away.

And for the fat-free lovers of the world, most of it was fat free and everything else was low fat.

Personally, I think that fat makes everything more delicious and I like my yogurt with a nice layer of cream... but that's just me. I realize that other people care

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