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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Muck Boots

My friend L and her brand new, beautiful, museum worthy boots have inspired me to treat myself to a pair of Muck Boots. They're not beautiful, but they seem incredibly warm, waterproof and perfect for a city mama who trudges through the January streets of half melted, knee high frozen sludge. I've wanted these for a couple of years now. I recently noticed that they are selling them for kids and think that Bunny and Lila will really benefit from them as well.

I'll let you know how they work out.


  1. Hah! My boots thank you. I do agree - the ARE museum worthy. In fact, I may never wear them out of the house. I actually LOVE those Muck boots, and think that they're sorta cute!

    On the topic, Julia zeroed in on those Uggs the second you all left, and is quite obsessed with them. I feel I have a lifetime of expensive footwear ahead of me.

  2. Those boots went from Sophia, to Bunny, to Lila... and they're still kickin. They were so comfortable that my children fought over them. I say that's 100% worth 110 dollars. Bunny, especially, is so crazy about her shoes that if they aren't comfortable, I waste a sickening amount of money picking up new shoes because she refuses to wear her old pairs.